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Here’s what you will learn!

Your French Transformation program is designed for students with none or little French knowledge who would like to reach an intermediate level of French. It includes 6 levels before being ready to prepare for the TEF exam.

Level 1 - Present tense (Regular verbs)

The idea is to build up a solid foundation in order to express yourself in basic and common situations.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Greet someone & introduce yourself
  • Ask simple questions
  • Express your tastes, interests, and hobbies.
  • Count up to 100 & Give your phone number.
  • Pronounce the Alphabet & Spell your name.
  • Say the date.
  • Differentiate feminine and masculine nouns.
  • Write a postcard about your holidays to a friend or family member.
  • Learn useful vocabulary: Food, Animals, Activities, etc.
  • Use “Etre” (To be), “Avoir” (To have) et “Aimer” (To like) at present tense.
  • And more…
Level 2 - Present tense (Irregular verbs)

This module focuses is designed to prepare you to speak French in very practical situations.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Order food at the restaurant.
  • Describe your daily habits.
  • Say the time & express yourself if you are late.
  • Conjugate regular verbs at the present tense.
  • Conjugate irregular verbs at present tense: “Aller, Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir,…” (to go, to want, can, must, etc…)
  •  Conjugate the verb “aller + prépositions: ” aller au restaurant,…”
  • Use possessive adjectives: “Mon, Ton, Son, Ma, Ta, Sa,…”
  • And more!
Level 3 - Future tenses (Futur proche & Simple)

This module focuses on learning how to express yourself using the future tense.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Share your favorite French recipes.
  • Describe what you have for breakfast using “quantity” adverbs correctly.
  • Describe your home and give directions.
  • Talk about your plans for next weekend.
  • Differentiate hypothetical and confirmed plans in the future.


  • *Focus*: Conjugate regular verbs using Future tenses:
    – Futur simple
    – Futur proche
  • *Focus*: Express quantity:
    – beaucoup de, un peu de, un verre de, une cuillère de, etc…
    – un, une, des, du, de la, de l’, des, le, la, l’, les, etc…
  • And more..!
Level 4 - Past tense (Passé composé)

This module focuses on teaching you how to talk about events that happened once in the past.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Speak about situations in the past
  • Talk about your last weekend
  • Talk about your last holidays
  • Talk about your life and background
  • Go shopping in Paris
  • Describe your favorite actors and movies


  • *Focus*:  Conjugate verbs using the past tense: Passé composé
  • Use adjectives correctly: Masculin vs féminin
  • And much more!
Level 5 - Past tense (Imparfait)

This module is designed for students with a fair knowledge of French who want to hone their speaking and reading skills using past tenses. Please make sure you already feel comfortable using Passé Composé

You’ll learn how to:

  • Talk about your childhood or habits in the past.
  • Talk about your experiences at the airport: Check-in, boarding, landing, etc…


  • *Focus*: Conjugate verbs using the past tense: Imparfait.
  • *Focus*: Learn when to use Imparfait or Passé Composé.
  • How to use « lui » and « leur ».


Level 6 - Conditionnel présent

This module is designed for people with a fair knowledge of French who want to hone their speaking and reading skills using past tenses. Please make sure you already feel comfortable using Passé Composé and Imparfait (We cover these tenses in our class level 4 and 5).

You’ll learn how to:

  • Talk about the environment and worldwide challenges.
  • Talk about inventions and new technologies


  • *Focus*: Conjugate verbs using conditionnel present:  “Si + imparfait , conditionnel présent”.
  • How to use «  qui », « que» et « dont»
TEF Preparation

This French course – Tef Preparation focuses on the preparation of the TEF exam which is an official international exam used to measure your level of fluency in French. It was created by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, these are the mandatory examinations:

• Compulsory Section for Immigration (PR):

– Listening Comprehension (40 minutes – 60 items – 360 points)
– Written Expression (60 minutes – 2 topics to complete – 450 points)
– Reading Comprehension (40 minutes – 60 items – 360 points)
– Oral Expression (15 minutes – 2 topics to complete – 450 points)

Check out the official Government of Canada’s website, to learn about the level requirements for immigration purposes.

This Self-study online training PrepMyTEF covers all 5 TEF exams in over 50 hours. It is the only official online platform affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

PrepMyTEF includes:
– 2 official mock exams are provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.
– TEF activities and exercices
– Grammar and vocabulary recaps
– Explanations in both French and English

Preparation in actual exam conditions:
– Replicates the TEF exam conditions
– Audio recordings and scripts

Full performance analysis:
– Auto-corrected exercises
– Detailed explanations

learn french - teachers

Why choose us?

This course has been designed by a passionate French teacher  Lea who wishes to have had access to a similar course when she was learning other languages. The classes are taught by Coralie who is a bilingual French Canadian teacher loved by her current students with over 50 five-star Google reviews.

Your “French Transformation” is a mini Bootcamp to learn French. It is a very practical course including real-life situations.

You can significantly improve your French in 3 months starting from scratch if you follow all the steps and submit all homework through our private group on Facebook (Members only).

We highly recommend taking extra private classes at the end of each level to consolidate your knowledge. We are sharing with you extra resources including list of movies, books, youtube channels, podcasts to immerse yourself in the French language and culture.



It is an amazing experience. Coralie is a great teacher who not only helped me improve my overall understanding of the language but also made it more interesting. I started off as a complete beginner before I took the Level 1+2 course and I am now much more confident in my French language skills. I will highly recommend the French courses taught here to anyone who is interested in learning French

Arnab Roy

I received my TEF results, and I have achieved the required CLB level of level 5 with CLB level 7 in Compréhension écrite and level 5 in other three parts of the exam.
I would like to thank you and Learn French for helping me throughout my learning it would have never been possible without you. So thank you so much. I will email Sophie too to let her know and thank her as she helped and motivated me a lot with the extra private classes
Sartaj Boyal

I signed up through a recommendation and I was paired up with Sophie for private classes. Sophie made learning French super fun! She was extremely patient, understanding but also up to the task of jumping through sections and speeding through Level 3-6 with me. She tailored my learning to help me pass a government oral exam. I can say I successfully passed the federal government oral exam and achieved the required level b. Thank you Sophie!

Sarah Lou